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Notice of Marriage Questions

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It is important you have read the information about Giving Notice of Marriage.

Before booking your appointment please confirm and accept the following: 

You know where the marriage will take place.

Your Ceremony will take place within the next 12 months. 

You are giving your notices at least 29 days before the ceremony (71 days if you are subject to Home Office Referral).

You are both over 18.

You have lived at your address for at least 8 days prior to your appointment. 

  • You must give notice in the district where you live.
  • If either of you are subject to immigration control, you must give notice together in one district of residence. 

You will bring the required documents including (where applicable) share codes and passport sized photos 

  • All documents must be originals, we are unable to accept photocopies or scans.   

If you have any questions regarding what documents you should bring please email 

You understand your appointment cannot proceed and you may need to re-book if you:

  • Do not live in Kingston upon Thames  
  • Fail to bring the correct documents
  • Cannot speak English and do not bring an interpreter (you are not permitted to interpret for your partner)
  • Arrive late and miss your appointment time 

I/We confirm the above 


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